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The newly constructed kitchen, featuring a gorgeous blue backsplash and granite countertops comes with state-of the art appliances: ceramic cooktop, microwave/convection oven, full-size fridge with ample room for the week's groceries and, of course, a dishwasher. We also supply every small appliance you would require on vacation: Coffee maker (and filters), toaster and blender for those tropical drinks. Also included are cutlery, dishes, pots & pans and a BBQ.

This sofa pulls out to a double bed. As you can see, the studio is very spacious

The Queen bed is both spacious and comfortable. The sky blue walls, and aquatic bedspread bring a Caribbean ambience to the space. You'll never feel like you're in a boring run-of-the-mill hotel in this suite!

The bathroom is also spacious.

The Studio also has the option of adding another bedroom. If you look at the bed (above), right beside it you will see a door. Normally, that door is locked. However, if you needed to add another bedroom, we would unlock that door which leads to a hallway. On that hallway is another locked door, which would be opened, giving you access to the 2nd bedroom. Below are pictures of that bedroom and bathroom.



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Cayman Blue Sea Hideaway